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2019 Discover STEM-CTE Conference Series  is now being developed for Spring 2019


2018 National Student Leadership Program

Connecting Industry to Education brings immediate job driven relevance to both STEM and Career & Technical Education (CTE).  The Minority Technology Industry holds an important key to the success of our nation.

Discover STEM-CTE

National Conference Series


Fueled by our nation's focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and U.S. competitiveness, Career and Technical Education (CTE) is emerging as a systematic platform for education-industry collaboration and exploration.  Our Discover  STEM-CTE District event "roadshow" provides career options to members of those communities currently disenfranchised to our growing economy. 

Minority secondary and post-secondary students need to complete their education and find meaningful careers.  Industry and government are both needing highly skilled workers for opportunities now unfilled.   It is necessary for us to forge new and active partnerships to bridge this gap. 

The Discover STEM-CTE National Conference Series brings together Tech company employers (including our fast growing minority technology owners and corporate diversity and HR executives),  industry subject matter experts, university faculty and government leaders with students, parents, teachers and school administrators all working to imagine a better future.

2018 Planning Year

National Minority Technology Council

Registration Opens Summer 2018

The National Minority Technology Council’s Looking Forward Research & Development Program has developed a new look at the convergence between STEM and Career and Technical Education.  Our “STEM is in Everything” approach builds relevance and innovation to the career decision making process.

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Discover STEM-CTE


National Conference Series

We are expecting stakeholder involvement and will facilitate inter-agency, inter-state participation to bring greater cost-effectiveness, economies of scale, access to external resources and greater political influence through strength in numbers.

Our belief is industry works best in concert with government and inclusion is the only escape from the economic crisis found in the heart of our most urban centers across the US.

The National Minority Technology Council will coordinate activities with multiple stakeholders across the country to ensure students have a chance to learn about 21st Century high-growth, high-demand job opportunities.

Enabling the Digital Economy

Our recommendation for public/private cooperative agreements to carry out this important work is based on the many federal, state, and local mandates to better educate our nation's populace on the importance of career exploration in STEM and CTE careers.

Partnership Development  

NMTC Community Program Highlights

Community STEM-CTE Charrette

A NMTC Community Charrette is an inclusive workshop, or series of workshops, in which various stakeholders and experts are brought together to address a particular regional or local issue or opportunity that has persisted and if resolved will result in an increase in community hope and trust, economic impact and high paying, high demand jobs.

Join the discussion around the future of education and learning in the 21st century.  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and CTE (Career and Technical Education) converge with the ICT (Information, Communications & Technology) workforce.  Optimizing partnerships and collaboration requires strategic engagements and research. 

Filling the Workforce Shortage of
Qualified Cybersecurity and Blockchain Professionals

Cyber-chain Workforce Readiness

The Executive Chairman of the National Minority Technology Council serves on the NICE working committee on Industry.

  As an industry NMTC is working to inform both government and academia on policy, workforce and curricular frameworks and application areas like procurement and research.

Cybersecurity is emerging as an identifiable discipline, a meta-profession, that encompasses many sub-fields that form the modern computing ecosystem. 

The National Minority Technology Council (NMTC) has partnered with our stakeholder members to meet the workforce demand across the spectrum of application areas.  NMTC is conducting research to define new curriculum concentrations based on the specific demands identified by our member employers.

Minority Cyber Inclusion Council

As an industry we represent thousands of business owners who are both practitioners and hiring managers for cyber security.    Cybersecurity is not a profession that one professional body can encompass and our role as a professional association is to provide leadership, ethics and good practices as an independent body.

As a governing body NMTC's organizational focus is on building a supply of professional cybersecurity practitioners that adhere to a standard of professional competence, continuous learning and ethics.   We believe in an informed public and take extra care to reach out to those who are disenfranchised in order to ensure the cybersecurity profession is inclusive.  

CENTERVATE is a copyright of the National Minority Technology Council

NMTC's Looking Forward Research & Development program office has established a Career and Technical Education research initiative called CENTERVATE (Center for Innovation and CTE Research). 

The Center for Innovation and CTE Research provides research on skill based careers in the technology industry.

This applied research works to discover best methods and excellence in Middle School and High School Certification and skill building programs.  As an industry partner, NMTC is actively working with multiple school systems around the nation to ensure teachers and students are prepared for the 21st Century.

NMTC Student Leadership Forum

Fellow Orientation and Application Process

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